Today's Choice for Tomorrow's Future

8th Grade

 Lisa ElliottU.S. History

I am a U.S. Army veteran. I love my family, running, history, and Disney!

 Kimberly PerryScience

I am that crazy person that wanted to stay in middle school the rest of my life!  Helping students inquire, explore and argue using evidence makes me feel like I'm helping generations of critical thinkers.  In my free time I am a mom to two teenage boys who love to keep me on my toes!  My husband and I like to explore the strange and unusual, and Walt Disney World.  I love the community I serve and live in and look forward to the lasting connections being made at LPA.

Sean KilbournePre-Algebra/ Algebra 1

Hello, my name is Sean Kilbourne and I am the 8th grade Mathematics Teacher! I enjoy spending my free time watching movies and going to the Disney Theme Parks! I really enjoy the thought processing skills needed for mathematics and hope to express those to your children in my classroom!

Lauren GeigerLanguage Arts

My name is Lauren Geiger, and I teach 8th grade ELA. I was born in Syracuse, NY and grew up in Georgia. I love cold weather, tattoos, soccer, laughing, naps, traveling, drawing, photography, Harry Potter, Tolkien, Star Wars, Squishmallows, glitter, and neon colors. My first teaching job was in Savannah, GA and I taught American Literature at Windsor Forest High School. I've coached soccer for 10 years, and I'm the soccer coach at LPA. My favorite soccer teams are Atlanta United, FC Bayern Munich, and the German National Team. I also have a daughter named Leia (pronounced Lay-uh), like from Star Wars.